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Compelling Case Studies

Case studies can be a great way to introduce your services to potential clients, but many are flat and sometimes boring, because they don’t get to the important parts of the story – the insights that solved your clients problems.  I want to thank Radjan Sodhi for his recent post about the Marketing Profs article: Case Studies with a kick: How to write insightful case studies by Mark Levy:

Radjan writes:

“A thoughtful case study can be a very powerful pre-sale tool. It allows a prospect to gain insight on how you can solve their problems by learning how you have helped another. The key word here is insight. Mark Levy on provides a very good guide on how to write an insight-based case study that will help you establish credibility and comfort in a prospective customer…” 

The article is in two parts, hope it helps you understand how to write compelling case studies for your business.

-Susan Martin, NYC Business and Marketing Coach


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