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There are lots of things to explore here on the Business Sanity website.  Here’s a user site map to give you an overview of what’s available:

1. How I help business owners and self employed professionals be more productive, profitable and sane:

Here is some info about my business coaching packages

-Take charge of your business’s future with the Small Business Leadership Program

-Take charge of your time with the Small Business Productivity Program

-Take charge of your income with the Small Business Profitability Program

A bunch of info about business coaching

About me: New York City business coach Susan Martin


The difference between business coaching and business consulting

Qualities and characteristics of business coaching clients

Here are some of my clients’ small business success stories

How my business coaching program will help you get sustainable results.

Learn about the benefits of business coaching

Some more of the specific areas I work in: business coaching services

If you’re ready to stop the struggle and be more productive, profitable and sane in your business, simply apply for a Business Sanity Strategy Session

2. Downloadable reports:

The Top 10 Reasons You’re Not Getting Real Results in Your Business

The 7 Deadliest Time Management Mistakes

3. Articles, tips, blog posts and other info:

The Business Sanity Blog

And if you want to take a deep dive into hundreds of blog posts, here’s an xml site map by category including tips on sales, marketing, business management, hiring, training, productivity and a host of other business issues. All you have to do is click on a link and it will bring you to the page for that particular category.

Here are a some articles and other resources

3. Misc. stuff:

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