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Small Business Profitability Program: PROFIT, NYC

You’re a business owner, start-up founder or run a small firm. You have skills, talent and experience. For your business to thrive, you must stay profitable and stand out in today’s competitive market.

What will keep you awake tonight?

  • Less than ideal clients and projects?
  • Lackluster profits or insufficient working capital?
  • A website that just sits there?
  • Prospects that are slipping through your fingers?
  • Fear of selling yourself?
  • Insufficient sales, marketing or financial skills?

You’re not alone, many business owners face these challenges.

If you’re reading this page, perhaps you’ve realized you can’t do it all yourself.

The PROFIT Small Business Profitability Program puts you in charge of your company’s financial future.
You will:

  • Increase profits and personal income.
  • Attract ideal clients and projects.
  • Stop undercharging for your services.
  • Stretch working capital.
  • Confidently close new clients and projects.
  • Get a solid handle on your financial situation.
  • Use financial reports to guide decision-making and increase revenues.
  • Set and achieve financial goals.
  • Reduce overwhelm and stress.

The PROFITS Small Business Profitability Program includes all the critical elements you need to move from Surviving to Thriving:

  • A step by step marketing and selling system that brings in more new business.
  • Learn how to utilize financial reports.
  • Done for you templates to fast-track your results.
  • One on one coaching and implementation support to gain clarity, upgrade your skills and overcome any obstacles to marketing success.
  • Ongoing guidance, support and accountability so you don’t just talk about gaining new clients and increasing profitability, but actually do it.

If you’re seriously considering the PROFIT Small Business Profitability Program, take the next step: click here to apply for a Business Sanity Strategy Session.

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