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Are prospective clients slipping through your fingers?

Lost opportunities

If you’re an attorney, designer, coach, accountant, consultant or other professional service provider, chances are you do some sort of free consultation. And if you’re doing a free consultation, chances are, unless you’ve worked at this, that you are giving away a whole bunch of information your prospect needs, perhaps to the point of “easing their pain” so well, that they no longer feel compelled to hire you.

This doesn’t serve either of you, because you’ve given them an aspirin when they really need surgery.

Are prospective clients slipping through your fingers?

If too many qualified prospects are leaving your consultations without hiring you, here are a couple of pointers to keep in mind:

  • A free consultation is not the place to give away free information!
  • It’s a place to learn about their goals, challenges and obstacles.
  • It’s a place to assess how critical resolving their challenges and achieving their goals are to them.
  • It’s a place to let them know that you can help, that you’ve helped many others with the same type of problems/issues.
  • It’s a place to tell them that you have the solution to their problems and give them an overview of what you’ll do to help them, without telling them exactly HOW to do it. (after all that’s what you get paid to do!)

Are prospective clients slipping through your fingers?
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