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Action or Re-Action?

Action Equals Business Results

Action Business Results

If you want business results you must take action, because action (at least the right kind of action) leads to business results.

Managing by crisis keeps you on the defensive and leads to re-action. It stymies forward movement and wastes precious time, energy and money that could be invested in positive action paving the way for business results, instead.

But there is often resistance to taking action. In fact, many business owners find that reactive mode is the path of least resistance; and so they stay stuck, putting out fires and never getting around to taking the positive action that yields real business results. When this happens, you end up feeling like the hamster on a wheel, working hard, but not making progress.

So how do you stop being reactive and start taking the positive action that leads to business results?

1. Take the time to stop, think and plan strategically.
2. Deal with any resistance that comes up.
3. Take action on your business goals daily…no excuses!
3. Have support, guidance and accountability in place to help you stay on track.

Are you taking action, or just re-acting?  Join the conversation below.

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