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New York City Business Coach Susan Martin

New York City Business CoachBusiness owners today are being pulled in a million different directions, spinning from one thing to the next, accomplishing too little, wasting their time and losing sight of their long term goals. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy.

New York City Business Coach Susan Martin has a cure for that.

She helps business owners, start-up founders and professional service firms direct where they want their business to go and how to get it there so they can be profitable and productive doing the work they love. And, she helps them do all of this without engaging in the insanity that’s all too common in small businesses today.

Susan is no stranger to entrepreneurship as she ran her own successful companies for 28 years before dedicating her work to helping others achieve Business Sanity in 2000.

Combining her years of experience as a business owner with professional coaching skills, she knows what it takes to build a business, execute an effective plan and reach your goals without getting pulled off course or driven crazy by the myriad of distractions and “shiny new objects” that present themselves each day.

Susan provides the guidance, support and accountability we all need to ensure that you don’t just talk about what you want to achieve, but actually make it happen.

Feel free to look around the site to learn more about New York City Business Coach Susan Martin, read client success stories and learn more about her business coaching packages.

Susan works both in person and by phone, so geographic location is not a concern.

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