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Business Coaching | The Isolation of the Solo-preneur

If you own a business, are an independent professional, freelancer or work for yourself, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that isolation is one of the greatest causes of business stress.

It’s easy to see why, as you’re most likely doing too much, if not everything yourself.  It’s hard to do it all and do it right.

On any given day you may be doing the marketing, selling, PR, servicing, project managment, bookkeeping, collections, paying the bills, acting as the receptionist or secretary, dealing with customer service problems, data entry, IT and possibly even the shipping and janitorial tasks too – and that’s on top of doing the client work, making all of the decisions and coming up with new ideas!

It’s enough to drive anyone nuts, and helps keep you trapped in what I call “entrepreneurial free fall, because in trying to do everything, lots of stuff is falling through the cracks.

Fast forward to this time next year:

You’ve have a big decision to make which may impact the future of your business and your income.  Instead of tossing and turning all night, you woke up rested and refreshed, because you spoke to your trusted business advisor about it, and know which route you want to take.

The stress of doing marketing has decreased, because you’ve had some marketing coaching and have a plan in place to bring in business on a consistent basis.

Selling is no longer a dirty word, since you know just what to say and how to go about negotiating and closing the deal, and anticipate and respond to objections, since you’ve worked through your presentations and had some sales coaching.

Profitability has increased, since you’re taking time out to look at the big picture, have cut unnecessary expenses, are making fewer mistakes and have a financial plan and revenue goals in place.

Business management is much easier since you’ve learned how and when to delegate so you’ve decreased the amount of work you’re responsible for, and to your surprise you’ve found a bookkeeper who’s good and you can afford.

You’ve created systems and procedures to manage growth, so you aren’t re-inventing the wheel with each new project, which has saved you time and money.

Your clients are much happier, because you have your time management under control, are more productive, and have the where-with-all to take care of them properly.

You know where your business is going, and how to get it there; since you’re almost finished writing writing a business plan and are starting to work on strategic planning.

You no longer feel isolated because you have a partner for success.  Your business is running efficiently, your stress level has decreased, your income and productivity have increased, and you have a plan for your company’s future.

Does this sound like a dream?  Maybe, but I’ve helped hundreds of business owners to overcome these types of obstacles.  You can too -learn more about my business coaching programs.

Susan Martin, Business Coach

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