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Business Coaching Clients

Are serious about success?

Do you want to take control of your business, make more money, enjoy more down-time and decrease your stress level?

If you’re serious about achieving success through business coaching, speak to me about your business or read on to learn about the qualities and characteristics of successful business coaching clients.

The type of business coaching clients who achieve success with my business coaching program are business owners and independent professionals who:

•Want to accelerate results.
•Are willing to do what it takes, even if it means doing things differently.
•Have a pretty clear idea of what they want to accomplish.
•Value collaboration and are ready to get the help they need.
•Are interested in long term solutions, not quick fixes.
•Are committed to their success.
•Have a gap in knowledge, skills, confidence or resources.
•Really care about what they’re doing and are committed to making it work.
•Have a lot at stake.
•Feel as though their life is out of balance.
•Need a course correction.
•Want to achieve their very best.
•Lack clarity and/or need to make some important decisions.
•Have reached a certain level of success and want more.
•Are seeking simplicity, organization or better self management.
•Realize that the old ways of doing things aren’t working.
•Are willing to look inside and be honest with themselves.
•Are interested in providing the best possible service to their customers.
They’re often savvy professionals who are accomplished in their fields, with no formal training in business management. They need to sharpen their skills in marketing and sales, organization, time management or productivity.

Business coaching clients often want to stop reacting to crises and start planning and thinking strategically. They seek to continually improve themselves and raise the bar. They are tired of being run by their business, and want to have energy and time for their personal life.

Do these issues sound familiar?

“I’ve run an interior design company for several years. Staffing is a problem since we either have so much business we can’t handle it, or so little that there’s not enough to do. It’s hard to know whether to hire more full time staff to meet the demands of the busy times or continue struggling with freelancers. Or to know what hiring process to follow. How can we get a consistent flow of business we can depend upon?”

“I’m the principal broker at a successful real estate office. Between managing my agents and employees, dealing with last minute problems, closings, advertising, PR, sellers, buyers and attorneys I’m feeling overwhelmed. I don’t even have time to check my voice messages or emails. How can I do all of this without driving myself crazy?”

“I’m an experienced architect, but really hate selling; problem is if I don’t do it, nobody will. How can I get myself out there and land the projects my firm needs?”

“I’m an insurance agent. I’m not meeting my quota. My manager told me I had to see at least 8 prospects a day. I’m so busy running from appt. to appt. that I’m forgetting to follow through with those who’ve already expressed interest. Can I do it all?

“My employees seem to lack a sense of urgency and are producing pretty mediocre work. As a result, I find myself doing more myself which is taking me away from my own responsibilities. How do I train and motivate my employees to do things right so I can feel comfortable delegating work to them?

“Our company is growing fast. Although we’ve got lots of customers we’re not making enough money. What are we doing wrong?”

“My partners and I started our firm a couple of years ago. Although business has been OK, we’ve kind of been running things by the seat of our pants and not really making progress towards our goals. How can we develop a common vision and a plan to move our company forward?”

“I’ve been out on my own for several years, and I’m beginning to realize that there’s more to running my business than just producing the work. I’m just one person. How do I get a handle on all of the things I need to learn and do to make my business a success?”

Now that you understand the type of business coaching clients I work with, the issues, problems and challenges I help them to solve and what you need to do to ensure success, learn more about my Business Coaching Packages.

Or, if you’re serious about getting the help you need right now, apply for a Business Sanity Strategy Session.