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Business Coaching Program, New York City

Running a business doesn’t have to be a struggle.

I’m business coach Susan Martin. I’ll help you make running your business profitable, easy and fun.

My business coaching program will help you get sustainable results

We’ll begin by speaking to determine whether your needs and my business coaching program are a good fit. Consultations are conducted on the phone or in person. Find out how you can increase profits, make more money and have less stress.

We’ll pinpoint what’s not working and why.
We’ll set goals and benchmarks for success. Then, we’ll roll up our sleeves and work together to solve your problems, achieve your goals and gain control with these simple steps:

1. Create your personal game plan.
2. Enhance marketing and sales strategies.
3. Control business finances and increase profitability and income.
4. Improve time management and productivity.
5. Sharpen business management and communication skills.
6. Develop and implement a strategic plan for the future.
7. Create systems & procedures to manage growth.
8. Lessen business stress.
9. Take regular vacations and have quality time off.
10. Achieve business goals and stay on track.

At the heart of Business Sanity’s business coaching program is a real life approach to running a business that works for YOU. Together we’ll look at your specific concerns and challenges and the current industry environment. We’ll look at the people involved in the business as well.

There’s more to running a successful business than knowing how to make money or following certain systems or procedures. It involves a delicate balance of needs, goals and aspirations. It requires vision, planning and motivation and the ability to match tasks with those who have the talents, skills and desire to complete them. It’s a process that helps take you out of the box and come up with solutions that work over the long term.

We’ll analyze what isn’t working and why.
We’ll look at things from different perspectives and explore new ways of thinking and being. To do this, you’ll need to be committed to the process and to your future. Results are easily achieved if you’re willing to do the work and give up on old ways that aren’t working.

We’ll identify needs and outline business goals,
along with the measurable results you desire. Then, break down each one into the concrete steps and actions needed to achieve them. After that, strategies are developed, tested and implemented.

My part in the business coaching program will be to provide ongoing guidance, support and accountability to ensure that the strategies and actions implemented achieve the desired results.

You will get an objective point of view,
help to overcome blocks to success and to challenge any beliefs that are holding you back.

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The Business Sanity business coaching program is offered in New York City and by phone.