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Marketing Coaching

Business Owners and Self Employed Professionals:

Do you need clients, but find marketing scary, confusing or expensive?

  • Do you need a marketing strategy that works?
  • Tired of spending money with little or no results?
  • Want to attract qualified prospects instead of chasing them?
  • Confused about social media, advertising, PPC or the latest marketing fad?
  • Wondering how a marketing coach can help?

If you’re like most business owners and professionals, you started your business because you have a specific expertise or talent, not because you have marketing experience or know-how.  But unless you have a referral base that’s sending you all the clients you need; you’ll have to develop marketing skills and an effective strategy to ensure a consistent flow of new clients and revenue to your business.

If you’ve found your way here to my marketing coaching page, you’ve probably realized that you’ve got to do something to generate qualified prospects. But don’t worry, we’ll keep it simple. As your marketing coach, I’ll guide you every step of the way.

In my marketing coaching program you’ll:

1. Learn how marketing really works.
2. Identify your target market the ideal clients and projects who value your services.
3. Determine what makes you different (and better) than your competition.
4. Pinpoint the “pain” that your clients face.
5. Cultivate your niche and referral base.
6. Strengthen your positioning.
7. Develop a compelling marketing message.
8. Create an effective strategy to get your message out there consistently.

As a result you’ll attract more qualified prospects who are already interested in your services.  So you’ll make more money with less effort and spend less time selling.

Sound interesting?

If marketing coaching seems like the right solution for your business, apply for a Business Sanity Strategy Session to speak to me about your marketing challenges and find out how I can help.

Marketing coaching with Business Sanity.