Business Coaching Services

Business Sanity offers professional business coaching services designed to help you run your business more profitably, easily and effectively. Business Coaching sessions take place one on one either by phone or in person in my office in Brooklyn, NY.

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Programs are customized to meet the specific challenges facing you and your company in the following areas:

Small Business Coaching:
Small business owners and self employed professionals usually start business because they’re passionate about a special talent or skill they possess. Unfortunately, that special talent or skill often has little to do with the skills needed to run a successful enterprise. In my small business coaching program, you’ll learn how to run your business effectively, reduce the stresses and strains of business management, stay focused and motivated and put more money in your pocket. Learn more about how small business coaching can help your business.

Sales Coaching:
You’ll see positive and sustainable improvements in your sales abilities. You’ll overcome any resistance you may have to the sales process. You’ll learn and implement creative sales and closing strategies. You’ll become efficient and effective with follow through. You’ll learn to organize the prospecting process and develop your own authentic style of selling. Typical results are: more clients, a higher degree of confidence, improved sales performance and productivity, enhanced customer service, and double digit increases in sales. Learn more about sales coaching.

Marketing Coaching:
You’ll learn how to position your company in the marketplace, identify your ideal customers, pinpoint the “pain points” your customers experience that motivate them to buy, differentiate your company in the marketplace and help them to understand why they should choose you over the competition. You’ll develop a compelling marketing message and the collateral to back it up.

Typical results include: the development of a compelling marketing message, effective and affordable marketing strategies and most importantly an increase in qualified prospects coming to you. Learn more about how marketing coaching can help your business.

Time management coaching:
You can expect to see desirable and sustainable changes in time management, focus, performance and productivity. You’ll learn how to: prioritize, schedule time to get things done, deal with interruptions, set clear boundaries around your time and develop and implement a schedule that works. Typical results are: a marked improvement in time management, more down time, increased productivity and focus, less procrastination and time wasting, and more relaxed vacations. Learn more about time management coaching, productivity and performance.

Strategic Planning Consulting and coaching:
Many business professionals are so busy doing the work, they don’t take time to plan for the future; often falling into the cycle of managing by crisis. You’ll learn how to: stop this cycle, create a vision of your company’s future, develop a mission statement, identify short, medium and long term goals, and the steps you’ll need to take to achieve them, win buy-in from management and staff, and implement a strategy to take your business to where you want it to go. As a result, you’ll not only plan for the future but ensure that the plans you have made can and will be achieved. Learn more about strategic planning consulting and coaching services.

Business Leadership Coaching:
Leadership and management skills are critical to business success. You’ll learn how to increase your managerial and leadership skills, boosts performance, build trust and respect, deal with, delegate, motivate and keep employees happy and productive. Learn more about Business Leadership Coaching.

Small Business Financial Management Coaching:
Many small companies, professionals and the self employed don’t keep the proper books and records or understand how to utilize financial reports. Learn how to manage your finances so you can make more money. Learn more about small business financial management.

Work life balance:
In today’s world many business professionals find themselves on a 24/7 roller coaster ride with no end in sight. With advances in technology and communication developing at lightening speed, it only threatens to get worse. One of the biggest challenges facing business people today is how to get the business success you want without sacrificing your personal life. You’ll learn how to: set regular business hours, create firm boundaries around work and personal time, enjoy regular down time and take vacations. As a result, you’ll be able to accomplish more, decrease your stress level and have quality time for yourself, your family and your friends. Learn more about work life balance.

Real Estate Coaching:
Real Estate brokers and agents work in a pressure cooker industry. The nature of the work requires them to deal with customers experiencing an emotionally turbulent time, when buyers and sellers are freaking out, demands are high and deals can fall apart at any minute.. You’ll learn how to: manage the sales process, get more listings, manage your customer’s emotions, juggle a myriad of hats, manage your time, be more productive, set boundaries and have more quality time for yourself. Learn more about how real estate coaching can help.

Business Workshop:
All of the business coaching services that I provide on a one on one basis are also available for groups and teams. If your group or team needs to increase sales, boost productivity, improve communication, plan for the future, stay motivated and focused, or reduce stress, a business workshop may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Learn more: Read about my business coaching packages or click here if you want to get my eyes directly on your business.