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Do you spend hours studying internet marketing but fail to spend enough time implementing what you’ve learned?

In “Get Off Your Butt With the 25-25-50 Rule” Bob Bly makes the point that you have to spend at least 50% of your time implementing in order to really learn how to do internet marketing or to jumpstart your business.  Bob writes:

“Are you spending too much time studying and reading about Internet marketing or freelancing – and not enough time actually doing it and getting your business off the ground? Then apply the 25-25-50 rule.

The 25-25-50 rule says that to master a skill or process, and put what you learn into practical action, you must divide your time as follows:

>> No more than 25% of your time is spent studying – i.e., reading books, going to boot camps, attending workshops, listening to tapes in your car.

>> No more than 25% of your time is spent observing – watching what successful people in your field are already doing; e.g., if you want to become a direct mail copywriter, this means reading and analyzing the direct mail you get in your mail box each day.

>> At least 50% of your time is spent actually DOING the thing you are studying and observing – e.g., if you want to sell information products on the Internet, you are creating your first product … designing your Web site … or building your list.”

Susan Martin, Marketing Coaching

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