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Business Coaching, New York City

Do you run a business, professional practice or work for yourself?

Is running your business a struggle? Do you want to make more money, have more time, increase fulfillment and reduce your level of stress?

My business coaching program is custom made for entrepreneurs, biz owners and professionals who want to make more money, improve productivity and focus, master time management, sharpen their skill-sets, increase fulfillment in their work and decrease work related anxiety, pressure and stress.

To find out how business coaching can help you make more money, have more time and less stress, apply for a Business Sanity Strategy Session today.

Learn more about business coaching:

1. Coach or consultant? Not sure if business coaching is right for you? Not sure if you need a coach or a consultant? Read this page to find out whether business coaching, consulting or a combination of the two are the best fit for you and your situation.

2. Clients. On this page, I describe which type of clients get the best results from working with me, and some typical situations and challenges they face that my business coaching services can help them to eliminate.

3. Program. I wrote this page to tell you more how my program works.

4. Benefits. Not sure how you can benefit? Read this page to find out what benefits and results my clients achieve.

5. Services. Read details about the various areas I coach entrepreneurs and professionals in.

6. Packages learn about my coaching options.

7. Business Sanity Strategy Session. Have you read all of the above, ready to get started? Call me at 718-499-2831 or Click here to talk with me about your challenges to see how I can help.

Want to learn more? Read some testimonials from happy clients, read business management articles, or find case studies and small biz information on my blog.

NYC based business coach Susan Martin provides business coaching services in New York City and by telephone.