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Self Employed Health Insurance | Part of the debate?

As I write this post, our government is engaged in a somewhat historic event, a bipartisan meeting on health care reform meant to, as President Obama said “focus not just on where we differ but focus on where we agree.” (It’s streaming live today on the A number of important issues are being discussed – health insurance reform, health care costs, extending insurance and deficit reduction. Although I suppose as critics have said, that this could turn into a circus, I applaud the effort to try to find some common ground and get away from the talking points and political rhetoric to try to get something actually accomplished. My foremost concern, of course is how this will impact small business health insurance.

I’m particularly interested in how it will affect very small businesses, the one or two person firms and the self employed. Those individuals and small firms that have taken the initiative to create a living for themselves, and pay the highest premiums because they don’t qualify for larger costs effective group coverage. I believe that it’s high time that something is done to make it more affordable even for those who have the courage to work for and by themselves.

Perhaps this is a bit naive, but I’m hopeful that this step will result in some constructive dialogue to find out where the parties agree, so at least they can move forward on things they do, and figure out what to do with what they don’t. Hopefully within this new dialogue there will be some room to help bridge the self employed health insurance gap.

Your thoughts?

Susan Martin, Business Coaching

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